Trending Topics to Consider for Your Research Paper

As a college, university, or high school student, writing research papers become crucial to your academic progression. However, plenty of students consider research papers tedious and complex to register due to the enormous amounts of time and effort entailed in conducting comprehensive research besides the detailed analysis. Additionally, a proper academic paper requires a student to possess the correct academic language and style to pull it off successfully.

Students often get required to come up with research topics in specific instances. Here, their instructors give them a free hand to pick from whatever area they decide, as long as they write something related to the assignment's requirements. However, this always signifies the beginning of the problem. Most students get frustrated with this segment of their academic writing process.  How do you go about this?

Methods of Picking the Top Research Paper Subjects

It becomes to pick a compelling subject to ensure that your research paper has the intended effect of keeping you motivated to write till the end. So what makes a topic excellent?

  • The subject has to prove that you have a vested interest in. it becomes crucial to think of the problems within your area of knowledge that you would love to get solutions to. For instance, it may involve health and social issues or food product safety, etc. However, clarify your concepts and present them as narrow research queries to guide the write-up.
  • Narrow the subject to ensure it becomes manageable. Plenty of students commit typical mistakes of picking broad topics appropriate for books. Picking a broad subject will make you write a broad overview but lacking in comprehensive understanding.
    Pick an idea that relates to past experiences you have gone through as it will allow your readers to get impressed by your command of the subject area. For instance, having prior volunteering experience in the healthcare sector can inform your writing, owing to your experience and observations.
  • Additionally, you can exploit the opportunity and work on subjects related to your job as it will offer you an excellent opportunity to gather the primary data. For instance, working in a particular hospital will make it easier to gather data regarding your nursing research paper.Further, pick a subject with social, academic, and practical value to students, scholars, and society.

Top Research Paper Concepts to Consider

Biology Subject Ideas

  • What effects do poor dieting have on the human lifespan?
  • What effects do probiotics have in preventing infection?
  • Can nanotechnology get used in handling cancer patients?
  • Can stem cells become effective as a treatment?
  • What future do GMO crops have?
  • What do eco-friendly alternatives of fuel consist of?
  • Down syndrome’s causes
  • Can antibiotic engineering become more effective in overcoming bacterial resistance?
  • Biofilms in the control of air pollution
  • What does targeted cancer treatment imply?

Psychology Subjects

  • What physiological impacts exist concerning technology addiction?
  • How colors influence our productivity?
  • What causes disorders in eating?
  • How do specific people transition into leaders?
  • Analyze the conspicuous dream theories
  • Stages of prenatal brain development stages
  • Freud Sigmund's perception of religion
  • How crucial a role does love have on the development of a child?
  • How can inadequate sleep influence mental health?

History Subjects

  • What potentially caused the witch trials of Salem?
  • What caused the collapse of the stock market in 1929?
  • Did the Hiroshima bombing necessary?
  • What influence did the baby boom have on American and European societies?
  • Discuss the position of WSM in the United States history?
  • What social repercussions exist concerning Vietnam War?
  • What role do women play in military service?
  • The influence of the renaissance of Harlem
  • Amelia Earhart’s life story

Astronomy and Physics Topics

  • Is Pluto a planet? If not, then what?
  • Can you determine the age of the universe?
  • What do dark holes imply?
  • Can individuals survive on planet Mars?
  • Do space exploration efforts prove necessary?
  • Can we avert a deadly collision between the earth and a vast comet?
  • Can other planets support life?
  • Explain the general relativity theory according to Einstein
  • Dark matter and its importance


If you want to write a research paper and have no idea about the subject, it becomes essential to consider the mentioned subjects. You can hardly go wrong with these top topics, not only in the niches displayed but others not illustrated.