Research paper topics in library and information science

A systematic approach is best when undertaking research in the library and information science. Not only should you have an in-depth knowledge of major themes in the area, but you should also be aware of current research methods and topics of influence, such as library systems, cooperation between libraries, and the flow of information between libraries.

Finding a good research paper topic can greatly depend upon your interests and what you took away from your coursework. Paying attention in classes and taking adequate notes makes it easier to assimilate that knowledge into a coherent research paper topic. Take a look at the following research paper topics for some ideas:

  • A critical analysis of student attitudes towards cataloguing and classification in college campus libraries
  • The Impact of Public Libraries at the state level
  • The implementation of information and communication technology in academic libraries in Brazil
  • Evaluating the effect of feminization and professionalization on librarianship
  • The challenges involved in running private libraries in Nigeria
  • Defining comparative and international library and information science
  • An assessment of international cultural exchange through libraries
  • The role of international librarianship in promoting freedom of information and expression
  • International issues faced by librarians and information science professionals with regard to the knowledge society
  • Exploring the relationship between government schools and public libraries in the context of South Asia
  • The importance of resource-sharing in an international library network: bridging gaps using modern technology
  • Tackling indigenous knowledge by adopting innovative tools and strategies
  • The influence of library aid in developing countries during globalization
  • A critical comparison of American librarianship and information science research in European countries
  • Learnings from major book acquisitions in American academic libraries
  • The expanding purview of American ideas in German public libraries
  • The British Council and its critical role in building bridges across the developing world

Browsing through sample topics in library and information science can help you brainstorm your own ideas more effectively. Take the time to scan such resources and choose a topic that you can convincingly discuss and analyze. A good source for potential research paper topics and paper help is, also papers written by past students as well as reputed works in the field.