Intriguing research paper topics in software engineering

Research papers are a common method by which software engineering students report results to the research community. Typically, the author presents what his or her accomplishment is, what contribution is made to existing information in the field and why it is important to a reader. The key is to demonstrate an interesting and significant contribution to the existing body of research in software engineering.

Having eye-catching research paper topics is essential to grab the reader’s attention and entice them to read the rest of your writing. It’s not always easy to understand what kind of topics are trending and attractive to the audience. Going through the format of titles in past student research papers and looking at established works in the subject can be helpful.

  • Assessing controlled experiments in the field of software engineering
  • A critical analysis of experimental models for validating computer technology
  • Studying information technology implementation in organizations
  • A mapping study of software development in startup companiesv
  • Examining architecturally significant requirements for better Requirements Engineering
  • Designing software process capability models for information systems in different contexts
  • Reusing project experiences to develop domain knowledge
  • Exploring the era of knowledge applications in experimental software engineering
  • Analysing web-based computer software development in American IT organizations
  • The role of IT security governance and its adoption in Indian organisations
  • The future impact of artificial intelligence in the area of software engineering
  • A comparative evaluation of quantitative versus qualitative software methodology
  • Experience-based information systems – navigating the building and running of these structures

Whether one likes it or not, most readers judge a paper by either the research paper topic or the abstract before deciding on reading the whole paper. It is important for the title to be riveting and intriguing enough to read the rest of the story. However, just because the title is extremely good, your research paper must also deliver on interesting writing as implied.

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